Plant a Church in Cuba

As pastors recieve funding, they are able to raise up new small church groups from which they are able to share the Gospel and spread the Word of God.


Location: Every region of Cuba


Background: Vision Beyond Borders has been working in Cuba for over 20 years. We have helped deliver tens of thousands of Bibles for the Christians there.  In Cuba, more than 80% of the population practices witchcraft.


The people in Cuba are very receptive to the Gospel and the Pastors need our help to support them in their work of planting more churches.  In Cuba, children are told in school to stand up, close their eyes and ask God for candy. When they open their eyes, their hands are empty, the teachers tell them to pray again asking Fidel Castro for candy, when they open their eyes, their hands are full of candy. They are told God is dead and he cannot help you, you need to pray to Fidel and he will meet all your needs. The people in Cuba have to get permission to fish as Fidel said he owned all the land and the fish in the sea.


Your support helps the Pastor to provide for his family, help church members and to reach out and share the Gospel with people bound in witchcraft and the occult. The new president of Cuba is opposed to God's Church so please keep praying for the work of God in Cuba.


One Pastor who is being supported is planting a church in a nearby town where people are very receptive to the Gospel. A man who is a barber and known by many people has recently come to faith in Jesus Christ. This man has a tremendous ministry among the youth and has invited many young people to the church and they have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The new church plant has 16 people already and is growing weekly! Your support is making a difference!


Thank you for your prayers and support as we work to help God's Church in Cuba and to reach the lost without God and without hope. Our teams continue to carry Bibles and supplies to the Cuban Christians.


God Bless you!

Vision Beyond Borders

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