There are currently 20.9 million people trapped in modern day slavery around the world today, of these 55% are women and girls (
Vision for Women is working in some of the world’s poorest countries to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our sisters in Christ. The extreme poverty in third world and developing countries results in malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, and often deep spiritual depravity. Little value is placed on women and girls in these countries where they are sold into sex-slavery by members of their own families for as little as 10 US dollars, depending on their age and beauty.

Girls as young as 5 years old have been sold into slavery. These women and girls are confined in a room called “the cage” where they are beaten, starved, and raped until their will is broken. They are then forced to service customers to repay their debt – a debt that incurs more in interest than they are paid for their services. Some men in India believe that if they have AIDS or venereal disease and have sex with a virgin, they will be healed. They will pay up to $500 to have sex with a virgin girl as young as 7 years of age. The majority of these women end up with tuberculosis, HIV and, eventually, AIDS. Those with diseases are cast out into the streets to die alone. Our vision is to come alongside and assist believers in other countries who are reaching out to women and girls abandoned by their families, bringing them the hope of Jesus Christ and ministering to their needs right where they are. VBB has produced a 15-Day Prayer Guide for these women. Please contact the office to request a copy or download it for free. Please commit to praying with us that God will continue to show us how to more effectively reach the women in these and other countries with His love and to share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as we work to meet their needs.

Romania, Nepal, Burma, India, China,
Thailand, Bhutan.

India Red-Light Children’s Day & Night Care Center

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