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Vision Beyond Borders

Connecting Believers Around the World

Quick News

Hope Development Center needs more support as they've taken more children in; would you consider helping sponsor them?

Speaking Events added under Current Events; pardon our dust as we work on it.

August 3 - Join us for the 2nd annual Vision Beyond Borders Freedom 5K in Casper, Wyoming!


Vision Beyond Borders offers many different opportunities to serve from your own backyard! 



Not sure how to pray for the persecuted church? Vision Beyond Borders will help. 



If God is prompting you to give, check out our donation page for a project you'd like to see grow.



Vision Beyond Borders offers trips every month. Check out what countries you can serve in and fill out an application today! 


I am so glad you have taken the time to visit our website. Our desire is to serve you as you serve the persecuted church. Vision Beyond Borders was founded so that those who experience persecution on a daily basis can be embraced by the love and encouragement of God's church through someone like you. We further seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dark world. No border of any country can hold back the Gospel that you and I represent. I invite you to take a look around and see how you can get involved with Vision Beyond Borders.

-Patrick Klein


Your Commitment Through Us

Bible Delivery

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to bring Bibles to churches, believers and those seeking God in closed countries around the world. 

Mission Trips

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to offering mission trips to believers so they may experience the life-changing opportunity of serving overseas. 

Trafficking Ministry

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to rescuing men, women and children from sex trafficking and offering them freedom in Jesus Christ. 

Children's Ministry

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to supporting children's homes throughout the world. With the help of donors, we provide basic needs and a Biblical environment for orphaned children to begin their life right. 

Refugee Support

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to provide Gospel-centered support to refugees affected by war and expelled from their homes. 

Pastor Support

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to provide support for pastors working in closed countries as a way to equip local congregations to share the Gospel more effectively. 


Come and get involved!

Overseas Missions Projects

Vision Beyond Borders is committed to providing you a Gospel-centered opportunity to enable, empower, and equip those living under oppression.​​​​​​​

Romania Safe House 70%
Night Care/Day Care Center 66%
Venezuela Bibles 69%
Northern African Bibles 75%