"He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

-Matthew 10:14b (NIV)

Vision for Children began in 2002 by supporting four children in Nepal. Thanks to many generous supporters, more than 800 children are now supported over two continents. We seek to match poverty-stricken and orphaned children with willing sponsors in order to meet each child’s physical, medical, educational, and spiritual needs. The needs may seem overwhelming at times, but you can play a vital part in changing the future for the next generation of leaders in the world. One by one, through Christ Jesus, we can make a difference for children in Burma. Thailand, India & Nepal.

To help off-set the supporting costs of this ministry, 20% of all donations towards sponsorships and related projects will go towards program costs effective 2017. We, on behalf of the children and Home Directors, are deeply grateful for the many donors who make this ministry possible. 


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Child Sponsorship

There are two different categories of monthly sponsorship available:

1. A $20 sponsorship helps to provide basic needs such as housing, food and education for a children’s home in need.

2. A $35 sponsorship provides food, clothing, living expenses, and education for one orphan or needy child in Southeast Asia. 

Sponsors are encouraged to write to their children several times a year. The letters are hand-delivered by VBB mission teams. All children love to receive letters, especially from a foreign country. Imagine the delight an abandoned child must feel when he discovers there is someone who cares for him and is praying for him!

Drop us your name and email if you're interested in being matched with an individual Child or children's home. 

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Want to support a Child?  

Send us your information to be matched with an individual Child or simply give below! 

Other Giving Opportunities

Mosquito Nets 

Four of our children's homes have requested insecicide-treated nets to protect the children from the dangerous mosquito bites throughout the nights. This project will increase the safety of these children from dangerous diseases carried by the mosquitos. 

Price per Net: $9

Project Cost: $1,000

Progress 50%